The Death of the Black Museum

The Death of the Black Museum

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You will love this if you like the Rivers of London series, the tales from the Kings Watch, and the Dresden Files.

Two cursed creatures with black hearts and evil intentions meet in secret on a stony beach under a dead sky to agree to the terms of a compact that will set in motion a chain of events that will lead to a bloody civil war in the underworld beneath London’s Underground.

Only DCI Judas Iscariot, the world-weary and often misunderstood head of Scotland Yard’s secret occult magic division, the Black Museum, stands in the way.

What starts as a simple abduction swiftly escalates into something far darker and more sinister than anything the Black Museum has ever faced.

Angels fight and fall; giant black beasts haunt London’s streets; Jack the Ripper returns, murdered trolls surface in the sewers, and something rotten threatens to poison the heart of the Black Museum.

Judas is under attack from all sides; then Lucifer the Morningstar appears with a message from God.

Can things get any worse?

With Judas involved, it’s not a case of if – but when.