An Ink So Dark

An Ink So Dark

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This is for you if you like Rivers of London, American Gods, The Kings Watch, the Quantum Creators, and The Dresden Files. The Black Museum series is a page-turning, magical realism, urban fantasy like no other featuring the most unlikely and unexpected hero you can imagine.
When members of the public start killing each other in bizarre circumstances and with no apparent motive, DCI Judas Iscariot of the secret occult magic division at Scotland Yard, known as the Black Museum, is called into action. But, unfortunately, he quickly discovers that a demonic serial killer with a horrifyingly unique M.O. has come to town. Meanwhile, in leafy Highgate, the ghost of the killer of the King's Horses stalks the cemetery. In the Irish Sea, a Patron Saint stirs, and back at Scotland Yard, the seeds of betrayal and deception are sown. The White Witch returns, Sergeant Lace walks into danger, and the First of the Fallen sets a trap on a dark bridge that joins Heaven to Hell. Judas has never been so vulnerable, but there is hope as long as the Black Maria, Bulls-Eye the talking dog and his friend Montague Huxley stand with him. But will it be enough to save the people he loves and the city he serves?