Judas the Hero

Judas the Hero

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Welcome to the Black Museum. A page-turning urban fantasy thriller series, unlike anything you’ve read before.

This is for you if you like the Rivers of London series, the Kings Watch, American Gods, and the Dresden Files.

Things are not looking good for Detective Inspector Judas Iscariot. Cursed with immortality by a vengeful and angry God, Judas finds himself in present-day London and head of the secret occult crime division known as the Black Museum at Scotland Yard. It’s his job to keep London’s mysterious and macabre underworld under control.

He’s on top of his caseload, and everything seems fine until one morning, a pair of severed angel wings are delivered to the Black Museum, and his world is turned inside out and upside down. Again.

It’s true that he is one of history’s most hated men, but he’s been given a second chance. But, unfortunately, it could also be his last.

His investigation takes him on a journey through a city where angels work in pubs, pulling pints and delivering the post, along invisible pathways created by the ancient druids, to slave pits under construction sites, and on special trains that use Britain’s Ley lines as their tracks. The danger is everywhere, and characters from London’s evil past are queuing up to see him fall, but there are those who will fight his corner, too.

WW2 Black Magicians, werewolves in U Boats, and the mysterious ‘10’ all want him dead. Still, If Judas can change – if he can help those that need it most and become a ‘Hero’ – then it’s just possible that he will finally be forgiven for the crime of all crimes and ultimately find peace.