The Blind Beak of Bow Street

The Blind Beak of Bow Street

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This is for you if you like Rivers of London, The Dresden Files, and the King's Watch series. The third full-length instalment in the Black Museum series is a page-turning Urban Fantasy with the most unlikely hero you can imagine.

"This is more than just bloody murder Inspector; this is a race war, with magic on one side and a right evil monster who thinks it's the devil's work on the other."
Archibald Strop. Editor. The Newgate Calendar.

DCI Judas Iscariot of Scotland Yard's occult magic division, the Black Museum, has only been back in London for five minutes when things get bloody.

Bloody quickly.

Something evil has returned from the depths of the London Necropolis Burial Grounds. There's only one thing that its black heart desires – the extermination of the Fae and the destruction of the magical underworld they inhabit.

The attacks begin, the death toll rises, and Judas quickly realises that the Fae and all the races of London's Under Folk are in danger. And with fairy pickpockets, Welsh tree spirits that love a good hustle, Dick Whittington's cat, angels and lots of friendly fire from a new threat to the Black Museum to contend with, he's far busier than he would like.

Then Lucifer the Morningstar, First of the Fallen, arrives unannounced; he knows something that Judas doesn't and wants him to change sides as payment for spilling the beans.

Surrounded by enemies, always one step behind, and running out of time as usual, it's all looking a bit bleak for Judas.

But isn't it always?