How to publish a book without a bloodsucking publisher

How to publish a book without a bloodsucking publisher

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Would you like to self-publish your book with maximum chances of success without having to rely on a publishing house?

Discover the exact method that allowed me to go from publishing my first book in just over 6 months to doing it in less than a week and with better results thanks to self-publishing on Amazon.

With the help of this 7-STEP GUIDE you can publish your book in record time and without needing to

  - ...rely on what a publisher says or thinks,

  - ...negotiate ridiculous conditions because you’re a first-time author,

  - to get your book published,

  - …worry about finding your first readers,

  - …learn to design or format your book,

  - ...

What you’ll learn from this book:

  - How to decide whether to self-publish or go through a publishing house.

  - How to avoid falling into “the publishers’ scam”. If they ask you for money, they’re NOT a publishing house.

  - How to publish your book without investing a single dollar.

  - How to self-publish a book without it being obvious it’s self-published.

  - How to edit your book on a budget. Professional editing at amateur prices.

  - How to format your book better than a publishing house.

  - How to design the perfect coverfor your book (the one that sells the most!) without having to learn about design.

  - How to create a description that multiplies your sales.

  - How to choose keywordsso that your customers can find you.

  - How to choose the categoriesfor your book that help you move up Amazon’s ranks.

  - How to set a price for your book.

  - How to increase salesof your book, even if it’s already published.

  - …

What you WON’T learn from this book:

  - How to write your book: Go read the 1st part of Successful Self-Publishing.

  - How to sell your book: Go read the 3rd part of Successful Self-Publishing.

This book is for you if:

  - You’ve written a bookand don’t know how to publish it.

  - You’re wondering whether to go with a publishing house or do it yourself.

  - You can’t get any publishing house to show an interest in your book.

  - The publishing houses who say they’re “interested” in your book ask you for money for the first copies.

  - You’ve decided to self-publish and don’t know which platform to choose.

  - You’d like to self-publish without looking cheap.

  - You’ve published your bookand the results haven’t been what you expected.

  - …

It’s up to you:

You can keep waiting for years for that publishing house you like so much to agree to publish your book (under tight conditions) … or you can get your book published and bringing in money by next week.