How to sell a book on Amazon and live off it!

How to sell a book on Amazon and live off it!

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Would you like to earn over $1000 a month, every month, thanks to sales of your book on Amazon?

Discover the system that will enable you to create your own retirement fund in under a year and with JUST ONE BOOK.

You’re probably thinking “this must be a trick”. Well, yes, there is a trick to it. The good news is that I’ll reveal the whole process for you, step by step, so that you too can apply it.

What you are going to learn from this book:

  - How to escape the rat racewith the help of your book.

  - Why a book is the perfect business.

  - How to turn your book into a bestseller in under 24 hours.

  - Why being a bestseller is worthless.

  - How to turn your bestseller into a longseller that keeps on selling indefinitely.

  - Why reviews are the key to a book’s success or failure.

  - How to get Amazon reviews continuously and legally.

  - How to guarantee an income of $1000 a month with the sales from just one book.

  - How to translate your book for free.

How to sell a premium product without having to create one.

  - And more…

What you’re NOT going to learn from this book:

  - How to write your book: Go read the 1st part of Successful Self-Publishing.

  - How to publish your book: Go read the 2nd part of Successful Self-Publishing.

Who is this book for?

This book is for writers and non-writers of NON-FICTION who want to generate enough passive income to enable them to live off their book(s).

This book is for you if:

  - You dream of becoming a bestselling

  - You want to be able to live off your book(s).

  - You’re tired of your bossand would love to tell him where to go.

  - You want to guarantee a good retirement fund.

  - You’re looking for a new source of passive income.

  - You’ve published a book and the results haven’t been what you hoped for.

  - You don’t know how to sell your book.

  - You need to increase your income.

  - …

As you’ll see, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain ;)