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Aided by their eccentric science teacher and Gregory’s mysterious red monocle, Gregory and Yolanda travel into the King Arthur legend to save today’s “real” world from a legendary threat. As they ally themselves with the magician Merlin and his young apprentice to thwart the sorceress Morgan le Fay, these reluctant heroes must set whole worlds right again. For the author’s notes, study guide, and excerpt: “Written to appeal to an audience age 8 and up, The Taker and the Keeper is part of an award -winning group of juvenile literature that promises to continue educating and enchanting young readers. The plot is tight, the writing is fluid, the action is packed, the suspense is palpable, and the novel ends with the three magic words ‘to be continued...’ Three cheers and a heads up for the talented authors of the Red Monocle Series!” Midwest Book Review ”A clever brew of legendary and contemporary characters, The Taker and the Keeper conjures up a tale of righting wrongs and conquering personal fears.” —Richard Keep, New York Times bestselling children’s author RED MONOCLE—An adventure series about the importance of stories. Middle-schoolers Gregory Guest and Yolanda Torres face monsters, magic, and personal challenges when they follow an eerie passageway into lands of myth and legend. In their struggle against a mighty evil, they make surprising discoveries about themselves. International award-winner: "Children's Book Series" category of the 2011 International Book Awards’ Red Monocle 2: The Death of the Good Wizard When the Taker and the Keeper travel back to the land of legend, they find themselves in a completely unexpected story and a reality full of new dangers—including one very persistent dragon. Red Monocle 3: The Invisible Foe (2012) introduces the African trickster Anansi, who first unleashed stories into the world. In further Red Monocle books young readers will delight in more great myths and legends.


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