In fact, he is not in love with you by Zou Zou

In fact, he is not in love with you by Zou Zou from  in  category
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Author: Zou Zou
Category: Romance
ISBN: 9781629782423
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To the so-called love, there is never only one answer.A love, needed to be very careful custody and care, would throw off luster in the darkness of the atrium. And firstly, the luster would shine your own soul. Life is not simply right and wrong, only to see a person's choice.Drinking to half-drunk and eating to seventh or eighth full is the most comfortable, the same to loving a person.Loving too much to forget oneself would make both sides lose the breathing space.With so much harm from love, we are still thirst for a caress, an embrace and a hope. When you are loved and in love with someone else, you are no longer a pile of flesh and blood and bones, but a bloom of the soul. If one day, your soul is dim, don't give up on yourself, and of course, don't forget to bring the book either! -- Sometimes, you think you are the most unfortunate one in the world, but just listen to the others, maybe you'll find out everyone is bearing the pain in heart, sooner or later, in different places.


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