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Diffuse Customer Mystery World · Split | Jun Cai | Trajectory, Inc. | 9781629783567 | E-Sentral Ebook Portal

Diffuse Customer Mystery World · Split by Jun Cai

Diffuse Customer Mystery World · Split by Jun Cai from  in  category
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Author: Jun Cai
Category: General Novel
ISBN: 9781629783567
File Size: 0.67 MB
Format: EPUB (e-book)
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It is the Chinese original mystery novel series books. It is created by an animation company, the Concert animation company and the best-selling suspense writer Cai Jun.Cai Jun's new work, Chinese first disaster suspense novel hell publish in instalmentsnovels: the main writer Gemini Luo, joined and published the court debate suspense novel interrogation record.Snare all best-selling suspense writers: Xiao Seng, Yimei Tangguo, Jun Tian...... All star team, the grand debut.The novel book is sold as 1+1 ppattern, except the published book, another book Mystery World • Deserted Apartment is provided as a gift. You could read more wonderful stories!Diffuse Customer · Mystery World Journal has 176 pages, 32 pages are colored printing and 144 pages are black and white, the gift Mystery World · Deserted Apartment is a fine printing with 32 pages.Editor in chief Cai Jun is a Chinese best-selling mystery novelist. The cumulative sales of his works reached 8,000,000 copies . Hell is his works for Diffuse Customer·Mystery World and the story is expected to be continued for a period of 1 years.The suspense thriller reading experience is the editorial policy runs through the book. Wonderful, readable stories, bring readers continual stimulation.The main illustrators joined and drawed the magazine illustrations.The people Zhou Xuan who wants to die, the big star Gong Xue, the business tycoon Luo Haoran, the best-selling author Wu Hanlei, the housewife Yu Tian Yangzi, the fashion girl Ding Zi ... ... Different identity, different age, different beliefs, the big disaster came unexpectedly and put them together. Human nature or hideous, or selfishness, or good side began to emerge. Will they live to cut one another's throats? Or will they help each other? In this novel, the most authentic humanity began to emerge! Cai Jun new disaster suspense masterpiece hell, a shock to incapable of further increase work!Fall down from the top floor, trial, sophistry, police woman, debunk, the kind policewomen met the bad young man. The mission begins! The dropouts from Peking university, Tarot divine, the popular novelist king Gemini constellation, following the First Debater, seize the world of suspense and created the new suspense novel -- Interrogation Record!Ghost Stories by Xiaotao, radio ghost stories program host encountered amazing things. The ghost stories he tells all happened on himself later. Is it anyone deliberately designed, or there is another truth? Jun Tian different site investigation science, mechanical virus, a strange car accident killed mechanical doppelganger, internationally renowned professor, was the killer behind the scenes? ECIS super agent. Reinstall the game, revealed the fatal facts about mechanical virus.Except the excellent novels, interactive entertainment program world suspence geography is with full-color pages, atmospheric design. The readers could enjoy the thriller journey stayed indoors; full-color suspense cultural information program surprise archives, in-depth analysis of suspense literature in dribs and drabs, build diffuse customer • mystery world the tenth screening room; in addition, there are happy net suspense deserted apartments programs to relieve the tension and fear during the process of reading and they could adjust the psychology of readers.The gift Mystery World • Deserted Apartment is colored printed. The author interactivate the horror around various suspense theme and brings different interactive reading experience to the readers!


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