A Bodyguard for my Soul: The Solution by Percy Gagnon

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Author: Percy Gagnon
ISBN: 9781936667109
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Have drugs, alcohol, or other addictions become a major problem for you, for a family member, or for someone you love? You are not alone. Addiction has become a global scourge, affecting people of all social classes. It’s estimated that the abuse of alcohol leads to more than 2.5 million deaths annually, the majority being young victims. The consumption of alcohol is also considered to be the third-largest risk factor for disease in the world. It has also been found that alcohol abuse and a person’s socioeconomic standing are often very closely linked. Alcoholism, drug addiction, and gambling, are all diseases of the soul. The more we try to understand this disease, the more lost we become… This book is devoted to the prevention of addiction and dependence, particularly with alcohol and drugs. The best way to do prevention would be to talk about it and deliver the recipe to get out of it. That is what this book is all about. The goal is to educate as many people as possible and invite them to join a movement against addiction by providing information to those who need it. Alcohol, drugs, sex, obesity, gambling, shopping, etc… - For those who currently struggle with substance abuse? - For those those are unhappy with their lives because of addiction? - Wants to know why? - Someone close to you, need help? Discover the secret to happiness and the solution to help you. For thirty years, the author has excessively consumed alcohol, drugs, and pills. In 1986, he managed to get rid of addictions during a stay at the Hazelden Rehabilitation Center in Center City (MN), United States of America Today, through his new book: A Bodyboard for My Soul: The Solution, the author want to share with you the recipe that allowed him to save his life and live happily in sobriety for over twenty-five years. A simple way to rehabilitate yourself.


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