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Secrets of the Egole's Nest | Daniel B. Royer | Bookbaby | 9781623092214 | E-Sentral Ebook Portal

Secrets of the Egole's Nest by Daniel B. Royer

Secrets of the Egole's Nest  by Daniel B. Royer from  in  category
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Author: Daniel B. Royer
Category: General Novel
ISBN: 9781623092214
Publisher: Bookbaby
File Size: 1.87 MB
Format: EPUB (e-book)
DRM: Applied (Requires eSentral Reader App)
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"Secrets of the Egole’s Nest” is a Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Adventure about a sheltered, scholarly boy named Aben Egole. This bright young lad is soon befriended by a strange girl, which had just newly arrived as his next door neighbor. He soon learns of her bizarre powers that take him to a far off world. Over time she discloses his astonishing family secrets, the greatest one being his superlative DNA, which bequeathed him with wondrous magical powers. These mystical powers crept into his life, propelling him and his father into adventures far beyond Earth’s galaxy. This is where a true hero is born and his legend ignites the Universe. A new world of mystical masters known as the Qyzen Dynasty was procuring gifted candidates for their new legion of Astroknights. Their Universal knowledge bestowed powers into their recruits enabling them to perform amazing feats of mystical marvels. Such visions consisted of parting an ocean’s waters or soaring faster than the speed of light. All this unyielding fortitude to bring light to those planets around the Universe whom suffers under the ravages of the dark influences of the evil Imperial General Warnod.


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