The Traiangle of Trees and the Old Blue Jay by Susan Montgomery Moffett

The Traiangle of Trees and the Old Blue Jay by Susan Montgomery Moffett from  in  category
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Category: Law
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The Triangle of Trees and the Old blue Jay is a novel set in the southwest and woven around the criminal justice system. Tandy Jackson a Probation Officer and supervisor working with her small town court, local police and Child Protective Services, has gotten herself enmeshed in a particularly gnarly domestic violence case. She's also mother to a five year old son Jakey who seems to know things before he's been told about them and is always one step ahead of his mom. He even helps his mom with this nasty case in a very unusual way. Police Officer Paul is assigned to protect Tandy and Jakey from the perpetrator in the case. He stays at Tandy's house in the guest room and he and Jakey become friends. Paul seems to understand Jakey's specialness and they grow quite close. Paul and Tandy become friends too, there more than friendship going on under the surface. The author uses her years of professional experience in the court and the probation system to bring the story to life. Susan Montgomery Moffett has spent most of her life in Arizona. She finished her Master's Degree in Education/Counseling at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. Worked as a counselor in a behavorial health organization and taught psychology for community college. She worked for the Superior Court for a number of years and was the Chief Probation Officer in a small town. She wrote her memoirs in a book, The Last Cottonwood Seed published by Publish America LLP in 2013.


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