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COMING OF RAGE #2 | Wes Craven | Trajectory, Inc. | 9781626659148 | E-Sentral Ebook Portal

COMING OF RAGE #2 by Wes Craven

COMING OF RAGE #2 by Wes Craven from  in  category
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Author: Wes Craven
Category: Comics
ISBN: 9781626659148
File Size: 11.33 MB
Format: EPUB (e-book)
DRM: Applied (Requires eSentral Reader App)
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From Wes Craven (Director of "Scream" and "The Nightmare on Elm Street") and Steve Niles (Writer of "30 Days of Night"). Featuring art by Francesco Biagini and Liquid Studios.

In a deserted dive bar on the edge of nowhere, three strangers found there lives intertwined through fate and circumstance. Ritchie is the prodigal son of a rich industrialist who made his fortune off the blood of others. All Ritchie wants is to escape his overbearing and ruthless dead father's empire, but the deeper he digs into his family business the more he realizes his entire life has always been built on blood and death. Oscar is haunted by the screams of his parents being dragged away in the middle of the night, but those screams are nothing compared to the howls of rage that try and escape from within him. Lilly is every man's dream¡­smart and strikingly beautiful. Every man's dream¡­if only her left eye didn't keep popping out of her head and she didn't strangely smell like death.


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