A Patient's Guide To Myopia And Myopia Treatment by Dr Gerard Chuah

A Patient's Guide To Myopia And Myopia Treatment by Dr Gerard Chuah from  in  category
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Author: Dr Gerard Chuah
Category: Family & Health
ISBN: 978-981-4645-01-0
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Myopia, also known as nearsightedness is one of the most common refractive error o the eye. A recent study by the National Eye Institute shows that the prevalence of myopia grew from 25% of the United States Nation population (ages 12 to 54) in 1971-1972 to almost 50% in 1999 to 2004. The book is a recommended guide or patient who wants to know more about Myopia and its treatment. This book is written by Dr Gerard Chuah, who is presently the Consultant Eye Surgeon and Medical Director of the Asian Diabetic and Retinal Disease Center located at Camden Medical Center. Currently, Dr Gerard is also on the overseas register of the General Medical Council, United Kingdom and was a former clinical tutor with the National University of Singapore, a former visiting consultant to the Eye Institute, National Healthcare Group, visiting professor to the Qingdao Hai Ci Group of Hospitals, a visiting lecturer to the Shanghai Ren Ji Hospital group, former head of the Alexandra Hospital Eye Service and also former Head of Business Development of the Eye Institute, National Healthcare Group. On 2001-2005, he was also the Chairman of the National Kidney Foundation Children's Medical Fund.


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