SeminarBiz - How to Make Money in the Seminar Business by Dr. Bill Wittich

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Seminars are the school of the future for all business thinkers. In the past you went to a class that ran 18 weeks, much of which seemed like filler material, but today a short seminar gives you all the essentials. The seminar business has changed in the past few years, as all of higher education has become a new venue. Many online programs and private universities are moving into the traditional higher education arena. The seminar is an accepted method of gaining new knowledge, and it is done in both a virtual and on-site environment. You are the person who is the expert and this is your opportunity to earn a strong income teaching what you know to others. This is your change to jump into an evolving field and your skills and talents in your own seminar. SeminarBiz will help you identify your best topics, and help you find the marketing ideas to allow you to fill your seminar room. It will suggest back-of-the-room information products to double your daily seminar income. You will learn to negotiate with hotels to find cost-effective locations and cut the cost of everything from space to coffee. This is a multi-million dollar business and this book will give you everything required to own a part of this new training arena.


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