I AM: An Alternate Saga of Biblical Proportions by Galen H. Mullis

I AM: An Alternate Saga of Biblical Proportions by Galen H. Mullis from  in  category
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Author: Galen H. Mullis
Category: General Novel
ISBN: 9781628573084
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Format: EPUB (e-book)
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The Horde, book two in the I Am saga trilogy, continues the oral history being taught to the Cactus Monkeys by one of the Great Aero Teachers. It takes readers through the fight against the Order of Ra. Having saved and reclaimed their community, Clan MacLee now expands its influence into the world at large. While Sarah, Gina, and Ke’ira enter military service, JoAnn begins the reclamation of the free world’s farmlands, and Amareah takes engineering with fabric to the next level. While the mothers of Clan MacLee strive openly, Gammon watches over their children as they grow and develop with assistance from creatures named holies. Learn how these amazing children guide the world from the shadow of their parents’ greatness. The great leaps of advancement in robotics, metallurgy, cybernetics, and art are overshadowed by their family’s faith. While teaching the true meanings of the Prophets’ revelations, healing an entire culture, or designing weapons systems that will cut swathes of death and destruction through enemy formations, the children also learn what it means to be human. As the rest of Clan MacLee drafts the designs, Gammon leads the way in the most ambitious plan of ship construction ever attempted. In overseeing construction of a "grand canal" with its three-mile-across assembly building, the humble teacher and oarsman seeks to control the world’s coastlines. I AM: An Alternate Saga of Biblical Proportions – Book Two: The Horde awaits adventurous sci-fi fans.


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