Jack Tree and the Copper Princess by Joh Hartog

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Author: Joh Hartog
Category: Children
ISBN: 9781925152517
File Size: 1.74 MB
Format: EPUB (e-book)
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"This is the story of Jack Tree and Kaavi Noname who live on a large island called Aurelia. They meet an 11 year old girl, Jodie Jones, a survivor of a shipwreck. Jodie has rescued a copper statue of a very young girl with a cart and a goat. To everyone's surprise the statue comes to life. As the child cannot speak, they have no idea who this mysterious toddler is. Jodie decides to call her Hazel and announces that she must be a princess because she appears to have the power to control the weather and only princesses can do things like that. Meanwhile, the treacherous Tulgon, a sorcerer from the island of Kraag, stalks the copper princess. Tulgon craves the power she possesses, but Jodie’s innocent heart prevents him from coming too close. After some investigation, Jack, Kaavi and Jodie learn that the toddler is the daughter of Neva, a rival sorceress. They decide to return the child to her mother who is still faraway on what is left of Kraag. After a number of adventures and meetings with some who help and some who hinder, they succeed in defeating Tulgon and return the child to her mother. "


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