Cosmic Encounter Conversations with Orion by Renee Evans

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Author: Renee Evans
Category: Religion
ISBN: 9781624882166
Publisher: Bookbaby
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Format: EPUB (e-book)
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COSMIC ENCOUNTER brings you the experience of viewing the development of human spirituality through the eternal eyes of the universe. Its insight reveals a deeper understanding of where we have been and what we have become. These conversations with Orion also uncover an intriguing glance into the workings of the universe, and a comforting guide for the future. “ Where is home? Home is where you finally know who you are and you come to be at peace with all that you are and all you have ever been.” Spirituality is about the heart, not where we live, or how we grew up. We can all find a connection that feeds the soul, gives us insight and comfort, and ultimately brings us home. Regardless of how we get there, spirituality is how we find out about ourselves. It is truly the inner spirit, the core of our soul that we ultimately yearn to know. Finding and connecting can happen in many ways. “There is a conscious effort and determination by growing numbers of people to move dark energy away from Earth and bring in the energies of spiritual light. We are here to support you, but it is you on the Earth who will determine the future.” The search for spirituality is at the core of life for all humans. It determines the direction of our life, depending on how we respond to that inner call. To listen and be open to spirit takes us in one direction. To shut off that voice and ignore our need for spirituality, or to distort its purpose, takes us on a very different path.


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