How to Catch a Cheater in 48 Hours or Less! by Eugene Walker

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Author: Eugene Walker
Category: Family & Health
ISBN: 9781483556147
Publisher: Bookbaby
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Do You Suspect Your Partner of Cheating, But Just Can’t Prove It? If you’re lucky, you’ll never have to experience what it’s like to be the victim of cheating. However, the statistics aren’t promising: About 60 percent of men and 40 percent of women will cheat at some point in their relationship. But what’s WORST OF ALL…The Majority of Cheating Goes UNKNOWN and UNDETECTED by the INNOCENT victims. But Now You Can Exercise Your Right to Know The Truth! In “How to Catch a Cheater in 48 Hours or Less” you’ll learn: * How to Find Out Whose Been Secretly Calling and Texting Your Partner’s Cellphone * How to Find Out What Your Partner’s Been Hiding On The Internet * How to Trace Your Partner’s Whereabouts When They Leave the House * The Tell Tale Signs that Your Man is Cheating On You * The Tell Tale Signs that Your Woman is Cheating On You * How to Catch Your Partner “In the Middle of The Act” * How to Get Your Partner to “Confess” to the Affair * How to Get Over the Hurt and Move On After The Affair * How to Rebuild The Relationship If There’s Still a Chance * How to Start Over If The Relationship Is Finished * How to Spot a Cheater Next Time Before You Get Your Heart Involved * and MUCH MUCH MORE! Isn’t it time you found out the truth about your partner’s secret affairs? Isn’t it time you put “everything out in the open” and cleared your conscious once and for all? Isn’t it time you stopped stressing and worrying throughout the day and night? Well, Now You Can Bring All Your Partner’s Secrets to The Light! “How to Catch a Cheater in 48 Hours or Less” by Eugene Walker Grab Your Copy NOW!


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