The Chi-Town Roughriders by Masimba Musodza

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Author: Masimba Musodza
Category: General Novel
ISBN: 978-1908690296
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Format: EPUB (e-book)
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Masimba Musodza continues the story of Chenai “Ce-Ce” and Farai Chisango, a Rastafarian sister and brother duo who run a detective agency in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe. As armed bank robberies increase, the Dread Eye Detective Agency is called in to assist by captains of the country’s financial sector. Ce-Ce just happens to be in a bank when it falls victim to a daring, apparently well-planned raid and Abrihet, another Rastafarian woman, is kidnapped. Why did the robbers take her? And why would they invite the full wrath of a legal system that still provides for capital punishment by leaving her to be found dead on the edge of the city? REVIEWS: "I really enjoyed this book that features Zimbabwean Rastafarians who have never before been represented in literature. the characters leap off the page and the plot is intriguing" "The book also sheds light on the Rastafarian faith. We see Rastafarianism portrayed in a way that many of us have seen before. The main characters in the book Cee Cee and Farai have both Grown up in the Rastafarian faith. They face discrimination almost on a daily basis but they are well adjusted individuals. Well educated and owners of their own business. We get a sneak preview of what it means to be a “Rasta” in the real sense of the word. The worship, the dressing, vegan meals. Chitungwiza is portrayed as having a significantly growing population of Rastafarians so much so that you can find vegan restaurants in the area....a definite must read. You wont be able to put it down, it certainly will not disappoint you with its twists and turns of love, betrayal, cover ups, lust for money and wealth all in a tangled web. A real whodunnit. Enjoy the read!


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