Cancer Is A Cage by Elizabeth Barry

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Author: Elizabeth Barry
Category: Family & Health
ISBN: 9781624885372
Publisher: Bookbaby
File Size: 1.25 MB
Format: EPUB (e-book)
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A first person account of a lost battle with Cancer. Elizabeth Barry's personal hand written journals describe her physical and emotional trials before and during her Lymphoma diagnosis and treatment. The book chronicles her thoughts, feelings and experiences in an unedited format. This is not the story that we often read of the smiling cancer survivor. The loss of her battle is a result that is often ignored in the big business of cancer fund raising, which seems to focus mostly on the "happy survivors", ignoring the devastating effects on patients and their families. The countless millions raised by well-meaning contributors continue to be poured into drug research rather than patient care, often at a rate of less than 50% of what is raised. Elizabeth's story reminds everyone that there are countless individuals suffering throughout the world, and it is the purpose of this book to focus more attention on the daily battles they wage against pain, fear and isolation.


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