The Light Princess by George MacDonald

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Category: Teen Novel
ISBN: 9781681950303
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“One day [the prince] lost sight of his retinue in a great forest. These forests are very useful in delivering princes from their courtiers, like a sieve that keeps back the bran. Then the princes get away to follow their fortunes. In this they have the advantage of the princesses, who are forced to marry before they have had a bit of fun. I wish our princesses got lost in a forest sometimes.” ― George MacDonald, The Light Princess

When a princess is cursed to lose her "gravity" she loses both her wit and her ability to keep her feet on the ground. This short (43 page) novel makes an enjoyable read for children and adults alike. In this book, a familiar fairy tale (Sleeping Beauty) is twisted into a funny, lyrical and wise story about a young princess who saves the prince.


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