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Highways of Man - Volume 2 The Odyssey Almanac | Steven Machat | Bookbaby | 9780983905745 | E-Sentral Ebook Portal

Highways of Man - Volume 2 The Odyssey Almanac by Steven Machat

Highways of Man - Volume 2 The Odyssey Almanac by Steven Machat from  in  category
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Author: Steven Machat
Category: History
ISBN: 9780983905745
File Size: 2.16 MB
Format: EPUB (e-book)
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This book will change your life. It will show you all the carnage on the Highways of Man to date and show you how we fall for the same game; we give away our rights because we choose not to fight for the right to survive as equals. We are lazy. We have been sheep but we must now carve out a new way as our world has begun to crumble from the inside out. The game and its rules have to change. We have been controlled by the few who are in gated illusionary toll-booths owned by priest, bishops, Imams, rabbinical religious sky-god educated representatives, royal bloodlines of absolute or constitutional control. Those forms of elite class educated rule, such as communist governments of one party rule or independent, economic third-party Banksters who own & control the currency of the community needs to end. The American Dream can begin again when this nightmare of ownership & control of the community ends. This book is to wake us up and give us reason to change by showing you the real non-changing games the elite have played throughout history. We all say we want everlasting peace and no more war? We say we all want love and to end hate? But all our highways to date have failed to provide health, welfare and security. So how do we create peace and stop the hate that perpetuates the fear that keeps us stuck on the old dirty highways of the past? To get to our goals we need to create the Highway of Man as a wheel where we all must participate in our Circle of Life. Nothing else will work as this book painfully shares.


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