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The must-read summary of Jeff Madrick's book: “The Case for Big Government”.

This complete summary of "The Case for Big Government" by Jeff Madrick, a renowned economist, presents his argument in favour of a big government of high taxes and wise regulations, which in the apst has fostered greatness and prosperity. He demonstrates that political conservatives are wrong about favouring a small government and returning to 19th-century principles, while left-wing politicians are gradually abandoning the efforts of the Great Society, and that neither of these things will be economically or socially beneficial.

Added-value of this summary:
• Save time
• Understand the economic and social benefits of a larger government
• Expand your knowledge of American politics and society

To learn more, read "The Case for Big Government" and discover the differences of opinion surrounding government size, and how big governments are ultimately both economically and socially preferable.


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