I Married Mr. America by Lindy Tefft, MS

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Author: Lindy Tefft, MS
ISBN: 9780985708023
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When Lindy Tefft married Mr. America, she was sure she had married Mr. Perfect. Her fantasy was far from the truth. When abuse from childhood repeated in her marriage, Lindy felt that she had no escape. Then, greedy celebrity-hungry scam artists ravaged their lives. Lindy’s voice of reason often fell on Mr. America’s “deaf” ears. Chaos, insanity, and financial disaster nearly ruined the author’s life as she crawled through a tunnel of terror. With no one to count on, Lindy found herself. Tefft’s roller coaster life will leave the reader breathless. Her insightful guidance will inspire others to find hope where there seems to be none. Lindy deserves acclaim for her honesty, vulnerability, and courage. She became her own hero, and through it all, discovered Simply Lindy.


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