The Juror Hangs by Catherine Mambretti

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If it had been 1952 instead of 2011, the verdict in Casey Anthony's trial would have been "The Juror Hangs." It's always the jurors who suffer most from a verdict. Set in 1952 Chicago, Catherine Mambretti's THE JUROR HANGS, features librarian Miss T. Iris Ginge, a young woman who would rather look things up than hunt down a killer. Iris is very reasonable. So, when she has reasonable doubts of a socialite's guilt in the murder of a wealthy Cuban retiree, Iris becomes the lone holdout juror against 11 men on the jury. The jury hangs: it's no-justice-as-usual in Chicago's Cook County Criminal Courthouse. After the trial the killer's still "out there" --out to get Iris. Her only ally is a P.I. wannabe named Calamity McClurg, a meter-maid who seems to know a little bit too much about both Iris and the dead man.


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