The Architecture of Music Volume 2: Expanded Scale Encyclopedia for the Guitar in Regular E Tuning by Greg Aranda, Architect

The Architecture of Music Volume 2: Expanded Scale Encyclopedia for the Guitar in Regular E Tuning by Greg Aranda, Architect from  in  category
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Category: General Academics
ISBN: 1230000864305
Publisher: Gregory Aranda
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The Architecture of Music Volume 2 is a comprehensive scale encyclopedia for the guitar that includes 37 scales in each key, and when combined with Volume 1, is the most complete scale encyclopedia ever written. It uses music theory to simplify scales and modes. Included with each scale are diagrams that break down the scales into modes to create complete chord lists that can be played with every note in each key. The Architecture of Music Volume 2 cracks open the architecture behind scales and modes and analyses them in a way that’s never been done before. It uses the circle of fifths as a tool to visually describe every scale and mode to make searching for a scale to play easier. And it organizes scales in such a way to make them simpler to learn and use everyday. Underneath every scale and every song, there is architecture that is difficult to see and comprehend. And yet, once it is understood, it is impossible not to use everyday. This book is not about style, genre or technique. It is simply the most complete and organized scale encyclopedia ever written. This book’s diagrams serve to help explore and explain music theory through playing the guitar. It does not teach how to read or write music in the traditional written form. However, the information contained within is universal to all twelve-toned musical instruments and is meant to be used as a comprehensive reference guide and tool for writing and analyzing music. It is easy to become overwhelmed trying to play a scale for the first time or looking for a new scale to play, not to mention the extremely intimidating idea of learning music theory. This book was created to simplify this process, and begin to answer why some scales sound good and some scales sound bad. Fear not the word “theory.” It is only the all encompassing catch-all word for music that (in it) contains every shred of information that could ever be used to explain the how and why of music and sound. Theory is the physics we cannot see. It is the math we cannot hear. It is the explanation of all, and the proving of nothing. This book, is not a book on theory. All that can be found within, is The Architecture of Music. More info can be found at


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