Helping Children with Low Self-Esteem by Margot Sunderland

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Category: Teen Novel
ISBN: 9781909001305
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The titles in this extraordinary series are a vital resource. Nine practical guidebooks, each with an accompanying beautifully illustrated storybook, have been written to help children (aged 4-12) think about and connect with their feelings.

These guides and stories enable teachers, parents and professionals to recognise the unresolved feelings behind a child's behaviour and to respond correctly to help.

Each guidebook focuses on a key feeling and is written in very user-friendly language. The exercises, tasks and ideas for things to say and do are specifically designed to help children think about, express and process the feeling to the point of resolution.

Helping Children with Low Self-Esteem is a guidebook to help children who:

-don't like themselves or feel there is something fundamentally wrong with them;

-have been deeply shamed;

-have received too much criticism or haven't been encouraged enough;

-let people treat them badly because they feel they don't deserve better;

-do not accept praise or appreciation because they feel they don't deserve it;

-feel defeated by life, fundamentally unimportant, unwanted or unlovable;

-bully because they think they are worthless or think they are worthless because they are bullied;

-feel they don't belong or do not seek friends because they think no-one would want to be their friend. Perfectly displayed on tablet devices.

ePDF format also available for libraries – all the handouts photocopiable!


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