24 iPod touch® Tricks for Beginners by Ashli Norton

24 iPod touch® Tricks for Beginners  by Ashli Norton from  in  category
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Author: Ashli Norton
Category: Engineering & IT
ISBN: 9780557773039
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If you want to get the most out of your iPod touch put this guide full of the neatest and most useful iPod touch tricks to use. 24 iPod touch® Tricks for Beginners delivers the newest iPod touch and iOS 4 tricks in a no-nonsense format, with clear explanations, & beautiful, easy-to-follow graphics. Popular device blogger & software firm co-founder Ashli Norton shares some of the most sought-after & helpful iPod touch secrets in her usual step-by-step, plain English format. Page after page covers tricks that some users who’ve owned an iPod touch for months have yet to discover. This guide goes beyond the iPod touch owner’s manual and shows you exactly how to perform tricks in Safari for faster browsing, how to get the most from your iPod touch settings, how to close background apps, and it even the latest features AirPrint and in-page searching. There is even a bonus “Resource Guide” that points you in the right direction to learn more advanced tricks after mastering the beginner secr


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