The Rock Warrior's Way Mental Training For Climbers by Arno Ilgner

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Author: Arno Ilgner
Category: Sports & Hobbies
ISBN: 9780974011271
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Mental training is scarcely covered in the climbing literature, yet it is as important to performance as strength, flexibility, and technique. In his unique approach to mental training, Arno Ilgner draws essential elements from the rich "warrior" literature, as well as from sports psychology, and combines these with his extensive climbing experience to create The Warrior’s Way ®. - Here is a comprehensive program for learning how to focus your mental resources during a challenging climb. It includes step-by-step guidance on motivation analysis, information gathering, risk assessment, mental focus, and deliberate transition into action.


good read, a bit of trouble with chrome
by Reena Purret on December 03, 2015

The book was good and I was happy with the content. However, it was much more convenient to read it from my phone - the phone app worked perfectly, but google chrome's reader (what I would have initially prefered, because then you can see the whole page) acted up a bit and sometimes skipped a page here and there (meaning that it didn't show it to me at all when I went back and forth, I had to open the app from my phone to read the missing part). The part I DID see (= most of it) was in good quality.

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