The MAZ Factor A Gutsy True Story to Change Your Life by Marylin Schirmer

The MAZ Factor A Gutsy True Story to Change Your Life by Marylin Schirmer from  in  category
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ISBN: 9781618423955
Publisher: Bookbaby
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A Gutsy TRUE Story To Change Your Life! by Marylin Schirmer. a.M.A.Z.i.n.g Secrets Exposed! Its like a major roller coaster ride into the valley of shocking beyond comprehension to the heights of AMAZING joy! To top it off you get to go on a ride through your own world of dreams. One doesn't air ones dirty laundry does one? Why would one expose oneself so openly when one really could let sleeping dogs lie? I must! That is why. It's worth the sour because it's what makes the sweet so magnificently sweet. Diagnosed with 2 incurable diseases, this checkout chick and barmaid was either very very VERY unlucky or was I doing something to create my own cycle of doom? Ridiculous! Or is it? Well I not only broke free, I share with you what it's like to be the most unlikely person to ever change, all the way to a standing ovation in the grand ballroom at the Melbourne Casino without having to sell my soul. I share the secrets that I used to finally discover potential that was so deeply buried within me and is buried in you too. I believe it never would have been realised without them, certainly not in this lifetime.... From never having owned a passport at 33 to taking 26 FREE overseas trips within just 15 years? Ok, so it happens, but what's the chances of it happening to someone like me? Tis most unlikely indeed. One really can heal the scars of monsters and inner torment. Even the little grazes you thought were not affecting your current life are better to be gone. I do not talk of memories, I talk of the bad energy and emotions that remain hidden within, lurking in the shadows, draining on the very energy that feeds into your level of fulfilment, ever just When you realise what causes your bad experiences you simply don't do it anymore, when you know the why, the what and the how of course.... slightly out of consciousness.... Be captivated, spellbound and prepare for the journey that will have you feel incredibly powerful and proud and present as you evolve to discover you had it in you all along for if I can do it, you can do whatever you dream of.... Learn to use this like a manual for your own self control. This book starts with me but it's about you becoming all that you can be, in just 270 pages. To your amazing life, Maz. :)


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