365 Ways to Teach Your Children How to Love Themselves by Joshua Stern

365 Ways to Teach Your Children How to Love Themselves by Joshua Stern from  in  category
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Author: Joshua Stern
Category: Family & Health
ISBN: 9781624889196
Publisher: Bookbaby
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In “365 Ways to Teach Your Children How to Love Themselves” the author passes on techniques, tips, and sage advice for parents of all ages on how they can enhance interaction with children of all ages, and greatly improve the chances the child will grow up to be exactly what you hoped; confidant, engaging, curious, loving and overflowing with self esteem. Self love is the key to the castle. The most important building blocks to success in life begin with a profound sense of self. From infancy through adulthood, life is filled with endless challenges. How one copes with those experiences determines individual success and happiness. The origins of behavioral patterns, attitudes and outlook are formed at home. In essence, all the elements any child/person needs to be successful begin at home with mom and dad. But what are those magic ingredients? No two parents raise a child the same way. Most parents practice habits they learned as children and add to that the things they wished their parents had embraced with them. Every parent hopes to improve upon their own childhood experiences, yet all too often they fail to provide enough of one thing while giving too much of another. This book is replete with insight on how to engage your children in everyday living. It is loaded with creative suggestions on how to respond to your child during crucial turning points in life when they experience self doubt, confusion, fear, rejection or just normal everyday feelings. It teaches parents how to bond and make strong, life-long connections with their child as well as everyday habits to reinforce healthy living both mentally and physically. It promotes a continued exchange of interaction throughout the entire of journey of parenthood which never ends.


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