The Amazing Piano

The Amazing Piano





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This is a story of a piano whose music heals. Not only does it deliver positive messages to the reader, but it teaches basic piano lessons and energy healing lessons. The Bobette Art Company introduces a new type of children’s picture book that leads the reader through an adventure while teaching valuable lessons through both the story and the positivity of the illustrations. Although written primarily for children, their message is important for all readers. Bobette Stanbridge is a native Californian born in the late 40’s. Her parents were involved in show business, forming the basis of her creative qualities. She attended the Art Conter College of Design in Los Angeles in the 70’s and has created and sold many fine art pieces and commercial art projects throughout her career. She has two children and grandchildren of whom she is very proud of. Bobette wrote the ‘Bunky Book’ series to bring positive thoughts and images into the lives of readers. When she began meditating in 1967, she intuitively began healing others by working in their energy fields. She discovered that thoughts and beliefs create our experiences, allowing her books to help guide people towards loving and healing themselves and thriving in today’s world.