Dalhousie Burning

Dalhousie Burning

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In the winter of 1930, a fire threatens to destroy the small Canadian town of Dalhousie. When the raging fire ignites, a trifecta of a disaster strikes. The flames endanger a new paper mill—the town’s economic future—the water system fails, and the town is faced with a harsh reality: it has virtually no fire fighting equipment and no professional fire fighting force. The perseverance and close ties of the community work to save the town even as some residents take matters into their own hands. ‘Dalhousie Burning’ is based on a true story taken directly from the headlines of Canadian newspapers in 1930. As a daughter of New Brunswick natives, author Patricia Lamb Amoroso came across the event while researching her family history. Patricia Lamb Amoroso holds a B.A from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, where she majored in English, and minored in history and secondary education. After operating a kindergarten/nursery school in New Hampshire, Amoroso moved to Florida in 1993. She worked as a junior partner of an electronics manufacturing business before retiring in 2005. Amoroso is a member of both the Florida Freelance Writers Association and Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators.