The Magic Frog by Khadijah Hashim

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Author: Khadijah Hashim
Category: Children
ISBN: 978-983-852-680-7
File Size: 9.17 MB
Format: EPUB (e-book)
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Prince Frog leaves the kingdom after his brother seizes the throne as the king in the Lotus Valley. With a heavy heart, Prince Frog travels and along the journey, he helps other animals that are in distress. After a long time, drought strikes the Lotus Valley. Plenty of efforts have been made by the young prince to solve this problem but to no avail. One day, an eagle that is resting on a tree overhears the princeís moans and suggests him to ask for help from the magic frog. What is the fate of the Lotus Valley? Will the magic frog help? Keep reading to find out the ending!


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