Permission Granted - 45 Reasons To Micro-publish

Permission Granted - 45 Reasons To Micro-publish




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Permission Granted comes at a critical juncture in the history of publishing, when writers are too often still being fed old strategies for success where new ways of thinking are critically needed. Book one in a three-part series, Permission Granted explores 45 reasons why micro-publishing makes sense as a short-term goal for all writers whether they are traditionally published, aspiring to authorhood, or dreaming about writing a book some day. Writers who read this book will gain: A working definition of micro-publishing and its role in the future for writers An appreciation for how micro-publishing might fit into plans for writing success Ways of understanding how micro-publishing works vs. how traditional publishing works An understanding of the publishing terms all aspiring authors need to know Support and inspiration to dare to micro-publish A whole new respect for traditionally published authors As an added bonus, readers may download a free list of Key Quotes From Permission Granted: 45 Reasons To Micro-publish to help them digest and remember the most important ideas from the book. Take charge of your writing career with micro-publishing, a lucrative option that cannot be ignored by forward-thinking writers. Permission Granted will help you give yourself permission to join one of the most prosperous publishing movements of the 21st century. Written expressly for writers eager to pen the future of publishing with their next projects, this book is written in short, persuasive chapters. Readers who adopt the advice in this e-book will find themselves ready to write, develop, and launch micro-publications in a professional manner.