Lifestyle of Future House Buyers in Malaysia

Lifestyle of Future House Buyers in Malaysia

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"The essential cornerstone of robust, successful marketing strategies is to understand house buyers’ needs, markets and trends. This book introduces the reader to basic lifestyle segmentation by using an exploratory study as a tool in determining the lifestyle of Malaysian house buyers. By understanding our customers and their needs can give insights to massive solutions and consultations in our core business. The way we understand our customers and their needs has been responsible for our massive shift into solutions and consulting, which will account for the majority of our business. Housing development is dominated by projects in which insight into house buyers is the foundation to improving interactions between developers and potential house buyers. This book reduces the gap between marketers and house buyers. Beyond the business needs, lifestyle of Malaysian house buyers provide an added lifestyle value to professionals like architects, engineers, designers, planners and researchers together with guidance on typical issues such as survey analysis, and more specific matters such as limitations and recommendations for future research. This book is characterized by a good pedagogical approach, and provides an overview of the objectives in identifying house buyers’ lifestyle segments for the segmentation research. This book covers a research problem, its translation into statistical terms, a theoretical review, a dataset description, a guided analysis and interpretations of the results. It concludes with discussion and recommendations of features and locations that reflects lifestyle, behaviour and preferences of house buyers’ in Malaysia. So, whether marketers are just beginning to understand their customers, or whether this has been an issue of priority for years, this book is a guide and it is with great pleasure that we recommend this interesting book to anyone engaged in or interested in lifestyle segmentation research in Malaysia."