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Sustainability of Solid Waste Management in Malaysia | Siti Aisyah Saat | BookCapital | 978-967-2134-57-2 | E-Sentral Ebook Portal

Sustainability of Solid Waste Management in Malaysia by Siti Aisyah Saat

Sustainability of Solid Waste Management in Malaysia by Siti Aisyah Saat from  in  category
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Category: General Academics
ISBN: 978-967-2134-57-2
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This book addresses the evolution, nature and appropriateness of the national waste management system in Malaysia in terms of its capability to meet sustainability goals. It does this by adopting the concept of ecological modernization as a reference for analysing the policy and institutional structures that control waste management and sustainability policy. It examines the relevance the institutional dimension of the ecological modernization theory to the Malaysian context and non-western countries generally, and to the particular characteristics of the waste management system. For effective waste management and economic growth there is need for assessment of not just waste quantities and composition but also the flow of resources and waste through the joint economic and environment systems. The nature of waste generation, flow and management is outlined and found to be complexed. The methodology reflects this complexity by investigating the institutional organizations and by testing the understandings and attitudes to sustainability and action of all the actors in the waste management system namely policy makers, local authorities and individuals. It found a varied and inconsistent understanding which is set against an increasing level of waste generation and a shortage of disposal and handling facilities. Waste management within current understandings and institutional systems is found to be intractable.


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