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Twelve-Key Practice | Julie Lyonn Lieberman | Bookbaby | 9781879730489 | E-Sentral Ebook Portal

Twelve-Key Practice by Julie Lyonn Lieberman

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Category: Art & Graphics
ISBN: 9781879730489
File Size: 9.48 MB
Format: EPUB (e-book)
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Practice in all twelve keys has never been sequenced or taught through the lens offered within these pages. The exercises span a number of styles, brain skills and practice techniques — all presented using a kaleidoscopic learning style. The system applies the latest breakthroughs in brain biomechanics to facilitate technical mastery. This serves the ultimate goal: Musical Excellence and Heightened Artistry. Imagine if you could HEAR a musical phrase, VISUALIZE its layout on your instrument by "seeing" and "feeling" the fingerings and/or embouchure in your mind's eye, KNOW the names of the notes as well as the degrees of the key and FEEL the dynamics you want to include. All simultaneously, in a millisecond, and without moving a muscle… and in any key! Welcome to the twelve-key approach for ALL Instruments, Levels and Styles…


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