Diary of an Indie Blogger: My Roadmap to Success VOL 2

Diary of an Indie Blogger: My Roadmap to Success VOL 2





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I’ve decided to continue sharing large parts of the PPG Publisher’s Blog with you in book form at the end of each year. Annual Diary of an Indie Blogger books will be a new PPG tradition. And I think you’re going to like this new one especially. With some help, I've added even more content to my blog over these past two years than in the first seven years combined! The first book contained the first seven years of blog content. Diary of an Indie Blogger (Volume 2) excludes any guest posts from the actual PPG Publisher’s Blog. But it still shows my growth as a blogger, and all I’ve learn about SEO, over the past two years. I know you’ll find this helpful for your own blogging/writing career. Of course, this book is not meant to take the place of the PPG Publisher’s Blog altogether. I recommend you check out the many educational pieces written by others for my subscribers. There are helpful tips on everything from crowd funding to movie adaptation, et cetera, in all these posts. This book does not include those tips. Also check out a new category this year: Blogging Progress Reports. You’ll notice, as you read through this book, that the format of my posts began to change toward the end of the year. After much research, I learned the most effective ways to write posts so they’re sure to be indexed by search engines like Google. I not only want these posts to be indexed. They should have a high enough ranking that they land on page one of a key word search. Needless to say, I’ve learned how to do that effectively this year. And there is more help coming to you in 2019! Keep watching for more!