Size Does Matter by Rony Pawar

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Author: Rony Pawar
ISBN: 9781772773200
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IS YOUR BUSINESS STAGNATING? DO YOU WANT TO KICKSTART GROWTH? HERE IS THE ANSWER! Every company has growing pains. When you are the owner or senior management of a small to medium-sized business, just running your business can keep you from focusing on its growth potential and taking the steps to get there. In Size Does Matter: Grow Your Business, Thinking Big, Rony Pawar takes you on a step-by-step journey to set your business up for success and growth. Rony consistently reminds you that no business can stand still. To achieve growth, your business needs a strategic plan, one that focuses on continuous improvement. Right from the first chapter, Rony will start you on your journey of creating a strategic plan and putting your business on the path to success. He harnesses his knowledge to give you an action plan that starts with your leadership and addresses several key areas, including management, building revenue, the customer experience, and innovation. Rony also takes the concepts and provides real world experience to help you see the potential of your business to reach the next level. His energizing and personal approach will hep you see your business in a while new light and get you motivated to grow!


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