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Maid of the Manor

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MAID OF THE MANOR - The Mysterious Case of Cassandra Evans

Walking through the large hallways of the manor house, Maid Cassandra Evans found herself humming a soft tune as she walked with the trolley in front of her. She was easily in her middle ages, and had worked in the Manor House for almost 20 years, and was perhaps the senior most maid in the entire of the Manor, but she didn’t care for all that. She had a job to do and a Master to take care of, her own master that had saved her from what should have been instant death and misery. 

One day, when Ms. Cassandra was nowhere to be found, she was searched around the whole manor. 

Finally, in the main lounge of the Manor house, from the ceiling, there were 2 ropes hanging down, both of them tied up into the Chandeliers. 

Both of those ropes had 2 bodies tied onto it, via the necks, or at least one of them. One was the body of a steward and a driver, in his black and white dress but with enough blood on him for it to splatter on the ground, and the other was the pale, broken figure of Cassandra Evans, naked as the day she was born with a lot of cuts and other types of marks against her skin, her eyes black, and her lips split. From what they could see, her body was tied via her legs, and she was alive, shuddering and shivering, her breath coming in gasps and her eyes already having run out of tears. Her nose was bleeding and so was her stomach.

The murder mystery grows with every passing minute. The police have a hard time pinpointing on the killer.

Will the accused be caught in time, remains to be seen.

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