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Become a kitchen superstar with the ultimate collection of ULTIMATE COLLECTION OF BEST COOKING TIPS, FOOD TIPS, AND COOKING TIPS FOR BEGINNERS!

Are you sick of wasting time in your kitchen?

You will LOVE these 45 best cooking tips on everything from hands-free garlic peeling to no-more-tears onion-chopping to keeping your salad fresher for longer!

Save yourself time, money and heartbreak and make your life soooo much easier in the kitchen with this collection of simple yet essential cooking tips, food hacks and helpful kitchen tips!

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Best cooking tips and food tips

Would you like to learn how cook al-dente pasta in one minute, stop nuts and berries sinking in your cakes, get your clams to clean themselves or create chocolate bowls with your breath?

Then this is the book you have been waiting for – more than forty basic cooking tips, helpful kitchen tips and cooking tips for beginners to make cooking super-fast and easy! 

Ultimate Kitchen Hacks – Volume 1 will show you 45 cooking tips you can use immediately – you’ll wish you’d known these food tips years ago! 

Food hacks and cooking tips for beginners


* Scoop up stray eggshells from your bowl in a jiffy

* Cook al-dente pasta super-fast

* Keep your sugar fresh forever

* Make whipped cream without beaters

* Open a tight jar lid with no effort

* Warm bread dough without an oven

* Make chocolate bowls with your breath

* Defrost meat quicker than you can believe

* Keep salt from hardening

… and 38 other invaluable food tips, cooking tips and food hacks!

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