Destination Mars

Destination Mars

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Destination Mars

In a very distant future, with our planet reaching high temperatures, its now very difficult for humans to survive. There is also an alternative available- Planet Mars, which is now human life friendly. 

Everybody wants to be there, but not everyone can afford it. Mr John is such a person.

A unique minded man & a desperate family man. He has a plan in mind to make sure he & his family reach Mars for safer life. A husband & a father can do anything for their family.

To what extend will he go to ensure his families secure survival remains to be seen in this science fiction story.

The crimes & events that happen in Mr John's life have turned his future plans upside down. Not only that, but also his family are at great risk. The very thing, for which Mr. John had taken such a risk, is in itself in doubt of reaching fulfillment.

What more will Mr John & his family go through to realize their dream remains to be seen in this science fiction story.

If you love to read futuristic drama with a tinge of love, affection, action and suspense; then this sci-fi thriller is for you to enjoy.

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