Malaysian Thalassaemia Registry Report 2018 by Dr Hishamshah Mohd Ibrahim

Malaysian Thalassaemia Registry Report 2018 by Dr Hishamshah Mohd Ibrahim from  in  category
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The Malaysian Thalassaemia Registry Report 2018 is a compilation of data and analysis depicting the dynamics of thalassaemia in Malaysia from 2007-2018. Thalassaemia patients were stratified and analysed according to state, centre, age, gender, ethnicity, type of disease, serum ferritin level and iron chelation treatment received. The registry provides a valuable resource of data on thalassaemia in Malaysia, and creates the foundation for future research initiatives as well as optimisation of thalassaemia care and prevention in the country.


by Hishamshah Mohd Ibrahim on January 01, 2020

We would to acknowledge the contributions of our colleagues without which this report would not have been possible. Paediatric Haematologist & Oncologist: Dr Yeoh Seoh Leng, Dr Aisyah Rivai, Dr Zulaiha Muda, Dr Goh Chin Buan, Dr Kogilavani Gunasagaran, Dr Mohd Najib Unni, Dr Ida Shahnaz Othman, Dr Teh Kok Hoi, Dr Che Hadibiah Razali, Dr Asohan Thevarajah, Prof Hamidah Alias, Prof A. Rahman A. Jamal, Dr Nazzlin Dizana Din, Dr Ong Gek Bee, Dr Nor Sarwany Mohamad, Paediatricians & Medical Officers: Dr Thiyagar Nadarajaw, Dr Chin Choy Nyok & others caring for thalassaemia patients in one way or another. Haematologist: Dr Jameela Sathar, Dato Dr Goh Ai Sim, Dr Tan Swee Looi, Dr Lim Soo Min, Dr Kamini Kirubamoorthy, Dr Ahlam Naila Korie, Dr Sinari binti Salleh, Dr Lily Wong, Dr Chew Lee Ping & so many others that we may have missed. Our Haematology-Pathology colleagues in the Pathology services in KKM, IMR & the Universities who continue providing us with excellent diagnostic support for thalassemia patient management. All other healthcare personnel especially Pharmacists and more so our nurses who are the backbone of our clinical services and instrumental in providing optimal care for thalassaemia patients in the frontlines.

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