Bedtime Stories For Kids - One and a Half Friend

Bedtime Stories For Kids - One and a Half Friend

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Bedtime Stories For Kids - One and a Half Friend:The Night When Two Worlds Met

In a town of  Kerala (India), having a population of about 4,000 people or less, lived a boy, whose dreams exceeded his actual life-status. Adam was a twelve year old kid.

One night Adam woke up in order to quench his thirst for water. As he drank a glass of water from the pot, he saw a high beam of light flash up on his face that came in through the closed window glass panes. The beam was bright enough to give a feel of the early morning sun. 

Not being able to see clearly outside and the inner excitement of his exploding, literally drooling out, he decided to go out and check it out himself.

What he found out there literally changed his life forever. It gave him a new friend from a new world, the likes of which he could have never imagine.

A child's sci-fi story, with a tinge of new found friendship in the oddest situation. It teaches a lesson of life not only to children, but also teens and adults. Every moment of our life is full of surprises, one just needs to have the will for it along with some good luck.

A science fiction tale of a boy and his friend from another world.


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