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Do you want to create change in your life and you are not sure where to start? In Bedside Coaching: 7 Lessons of Empowerment, Sophia Petrides takes many areas of a personal self-help journey and puts them into a format that allows you to make them a part of your daily routine. Not only does Sophia share anecdotes that illustrate her points, she uses tasks to motivate and encourage you to take action. From the first chapter, Sophia tackles the various parts of any personal journey, including awareness and action. Each chapter is broken up into several smaller sections, allowing you to cover as much or as little as you want each day. The best part is that Bedside Coaching can easily become a part of your nighttime routine. Putting a journal with Bedside Coaching will help you to connect the activities in the book with your life right now and the life you want to live. Sophia's coaching is meant to empower and inspire you to achieve the growth and take the risks to live your best and most fulfilling life. With years of leading and coaching people, Sophia offers a fresh perspective on critical aspects of life, from self-awareness to emotional intelligence. She also gets you started on a journey of understanding who you are and what your purpose is, allowing you to live in line with your values, beliefs, and personal truths. Start a journey today to live without fear and be joyful in all areas, both personally and professionally with Bedside Coaching: 7 Lessons of Empowerment.