Being A Quran Tag Girl

Being A Quran Tag Girl

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Being A Quran Tag Girl



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Are you in love with your Quran? Do you know that exhausting feeling of searching high and low for a true meaningful love and life purpose of this life? "That was exactly how I feel about the Quran. I was so busy finding happiness and love to fill the emptiness in my heart. None worked. Until I found the Quran." Buiding a realtionship with Quran cannot happen in one day. It will take years. It is beyond falling in love at first sight with the beautiful Quran cover we see in the store. It requires patience in not giving up on our Quran when we are in no mood to read it, hard work when we try to learn how to recite it properly, and persistence in learning what the translation means. It will be a long journey of trying to fall in love with the Quran, but it will be worthwhile.