Second-Time Bride/Back in the Headlines

Second-Time Bride/Back in the Headlines

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Second-Time Bride - Lynne Graham

Beholden to the billionaire...

Daisy Thornton’s memories of her brief marriage to Alessio Leopardi thirteen years ago have never waned. Their whirlwind affair was passionate and deep, but soon after the wedding he turned his back on her and she was left alone...or so she thought — for it was soon revealed she was carrying his child!

Now Alessio is back and Daisy must tell him about the daughter he never knew he had. But when the formidable Italian learns of his legacy he makes an uncompromising demand. Now Daisy will have to choose: walk away from the man she never forgot...or return to his bed — as his wife!

Back In The Headlines - Sharon Kendrick

‘What woman wouldn’t get all hot and bothered if Titus Alexander was staring at her like that?’

As part of a number-one-selling girl band, Roxanne Carmichael was used to having the eyes of thousands on her, but now that she’s scrubbing floors, one condescending look from the Duke of Torchester fires her blood with fury...and attraction!

Titus doesn’t suffer fools, and does not drop his guard. But his new chambermaid is threatening his iron self-control with those legs and that wicked mouth! There’s only one way he can get her out of his system — and that’s to get her into his bed!