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Is your dog driving you crazy? Is he spoiling everything inside your house, ignoring your commands, being hyper, or aggressive? Do you have zero understanding about why they're behaving that way? If you are totally fed up and have answered yes to any of the above, you have come to the right place. The Zen of Dog Behaviour will help you to understand your dog's behaviour and how you can interact with your dog. Dave Teoh is in the Malaysian Book of Records for being the youngest certified professional dog trainer in Malaysia and he is the first dog behaviour author. He underwent training with Juergen Knobel in Malaysia and furthered his training with Cesar Milan in USA. He has experience training over 6,000 dogs with different behaviours. Dave Teoh established KNine Professional Dog Services in 2008, one of the leading dog training service companies in Malaysia. He has expanded and developed a comprehensive canine establishment with a unique concept in animal care, dog psychology, and dog training. Dave Teoh has been featured Southeast Asian in newspapers, television and radio programmes.


An amazing, straight forward easy to learn methodology
by Peter B.T Low on October 01, 2020

Such an amazing writing by protégé, straight to the point, easy to understand, applicable methodology and make sense. There are so many books about dogs, this one make it to another level, the understanding of dog behavior is open for everyone to learn, in one book. Many thanks to such a great in-depth sharing of his knowledge. A well written, value for every penny, good read book of the year.

Value for money
by sktan on October 01, 2020

It is one of the dog training book I read that get to the point on the human common mistake, I only understand my dog after reading this book. Hopefully the writer will come out the version 2

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